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Third Way Out

About Us

We are a Sydney based company, specialising in small consulting assignments.

In 2010, the founder, Tarun decided to start Third Way Out as a side project, in addition to his normal day job as a Data Warehouse solution architect.

Third Way Out is not a normal IT consulting company. The team here is composed of various professionals currently working in day jobs, but willing to work on the side, after-hours.

All of us, at some stage or another in the past, have worked with each other. So we bring only the best and most appropriate talent to the unique needs of each project.

We are a hard working group of people that take enormous pride in everything we do. Due to our vast experience in the corporate world, both here and abroad, we provide best practice solutions at a fraction of the cost.

Our experience in large and small organisations helps us avoid the pitfalls associated with organisations on both sides of this spectrum.

Our Founder

Tarun has over twenty years of technology experience with particular emphasis on the Manufacturing, Banking, and Telecommunication industries. His background includes primarily consulting assignments at fortune 500 companies involving Data Warehousing, on-line analytical processing (OLAP) systems, Application systems design/development, Business Process Re-engineering, and Application/data integration.

Tarun has worked in India, America and Australia on assignments involving Clients from across the globe

Academically Tarun has achieved a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and an MBA.